Advocacy Interventions:

GISCOR, as part of its activities, pays visits to relevant authorities to table issues faced by the affected populations for the purpose of addressing them, appropriately.

Vulnerability Screening:

This is done in order to capture the protection concern (s) with which the affected individuals struggle, so as to find suitable ways of response.

Key Informant Interviews (KIIs):

GISCOR carries out such interviews, to aid in gathering relevant information from individuals, members of the affected communities, so as to have clear pictures of the entire needs, and risks in order to guide on how best to respond.

Community Meetings:

GISCOR, in its areas of responses, facilitates community meetings for the purpose of decision-making as regards interventions based on needs; this is done by bringing opinion leaders, so as to allow for smooth implementation.

Distribution of Core Relief Items:

As an activity also, GISCOR conducts distribution exercises, based on vulnerabilities identified in the course of monitoring.

Post Distribution Monitoring (PDM):

This is done, in order to evaluate the efficacy of the distribution exercise, as rooms for complaints are given to have highlights of gaps, so that future exercises are well – improved to better, meet needs appropriately.

Identification of Protection Concerns and Referrals:

GISCOR also identifies and refers protection concerns and cases to specialized service providers, for the targeted affected populations have solutions. Awareness-Raising Excises: It’s one of the activities carried out to enhance the knowledge of an individuals and community members on protection issues, concerns, and risks identified during the monitoring exercise.


These are done for the purpose of fact-finding, to aid in making informed decisions as regards responses.


This is done to strengthen human resources, in terms of protection, particularly community-based individuals, such as Protection Action Group Members, Government Authorities, Traditional Opinion Leaders, and IDPs Camps Stakeholders.